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What are biocides?

Biocides are used to inhibit the formation of, or kill existing biological growth (algae, bacteria, yeast, fungi, slime, etc). Uncontrolled biological growth can have an adverse effect on many applications including water treatment, preservation, sanitation, oil & gas operations, pulp & paper mill applications, food processing and many others. We offer the biocides - oxidizers and non-oxidizers - needed to effectively control microbial problems.

Biocide Specialists

Brenntag Biocides

Compliant and reliable supply chains for your business

Compliance and quality are two of the most important factors when it comes to sourcing, production or handling of biocides. In the European Union, Biocides are regulated by the Biocidal Product Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 (BPR), concerning the making available on the market and use of biocidal products. Our Biocide Team EMEA supports compliant and sustainable biocide solutions.

With our regulatory and technical biocide expertise across EMEA we execute strategies in collaboration with skilled and committed local experts to be recognized as the leading biocide distributor offering sustainable solutions. Our highly skilled and experience Biocide Team EMEA works interdisciplinary and established a broad industry network covering all applications to enable robust, safe and compliant supply.

Value Added Services

Services to our Customers

  • BPR compliant supply chain solutions for formulators and end users of biocidal products
  • BPR Support models (e.g. Onboarding)
  • Identification of compliant biocidal product solutions
  • Plant Hygiene Audits
  • Lab Services - Challenge tests
  • Own Active Substance and Biocidal Product Dossiers – access to LoA’s
  • Competent Quality Management
  • Following biocide regulations and new CLP requirements
  • Technical application support for biocides
  • Supplier management for selected Biocides
  • Article 95 listings and compliance certificates
  • Toll manufacturing of biocides
  • Experienced commercial implementation of BPR solution
  • Proactive Business Development of Biocides
  • Regulatory Support

Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR) & Product Portfolio

Different to REACH under BPR formulators of biocidal products have to prepare and submit biocidal product dossiers to remain compliant on the European market once the respective active substance is listed for the first time on the Union list. Additionally, BPR requires that only active ingredients from sources listed under Article 95 (BPR) are used in Europe for the manufacture of biocidal products. Our dedicated Biocides Team throughout EMEA will provide you with comprehensive expert consultancy and will also help you with the implementation of regulations.
Our biocide portfolio contains active substances and biocidal products for a wide range of applications with a focus on disinfectants and preservatives. (PT 1- 13)


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