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Serving all pharmaceutical markets

High-quality ingredients are essential in the production of safe and reliable pharmaceuticals. You need purity, consistency, transparency and quality for your ingredients to guarantee the same in your final products.

Brenntag is the preferred distribution partner in the pharmaceutical, veterinary and healthcare industries. We offer a comprehensive range of pharma ingredients into the formulation of medicinal products and the synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Our team of dedicated chemists and pharmacists develops, innovative, tailor-made solutions together with your team. With our global network of suppliers, we procure the highest quality ingredients in the market, while our global logistics ensure that our customers’ business needs are fulfilled quickly and efficiently. Our customers can focus on their core business with confidence, thanks to our extensive range of products and services.

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High Quality Ingredients for Safe, Reliable Pharmaceuticals

In this highly sensitive and competitive pharmaceutical market, you can’t take chances with your choice of supplier for excipients, atypical actives, and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Pure, stable, and effective ingredients are essential to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your products.

Accordingly, our Pharma team goes to great lengths to ensure that our entire supply chain is reliable, transparent, and compliant with industry regulations. We will support you in navigating and implementing the industry’s most stringent documentation and regulatory requirements while our experts endeavor to keep you up to date on the latest regulatory developments. Brenntag Pharma offers a combination of pharmaceutical industry expertise, unbeatable product offerings and best-in-class service, which makes us an unrivaled business partner in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Your business deserves the best

At Brenntag, we’ve built our reputation on providing quality chemicals to our customers for decades. We exceed your expectations with our service, support, and product range. You can choose from our wide range of pharmaceutical raw materials, including raw materials, reagents, active ingredients and excipients. We also offer you:

  • friendly and experienced sales staff
  • technical experts for pharmaceutical development
  • sourcing of new materials
  • regulatory support for qualifications
  • a transparent and qualified logistic chain

We always take the time to understand your requirements and supply the active ingredients and pharmaceutical raw materials you need to keep our customers satisfied.

Our experienced technicians and sales representatives are experts in their respective markets. They fully understand your product requirements and domestic markets and serve as your gateway to the wider Brenntag organization. We will make use of our local, regional and global network to find the perfect solution to your business challenges.

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