Brenntag General Shareholders’ Meeting decides on once again increased dividend for financial year 2017

Brenntag House of Elements Essen

  • General Shareholder’s Meeting decides on a payment of a dividend of 1.10 EUR per share (+4.8% on previous year)
  • General Shareholders’ Meeting votes to endorse all motions put by the Board of Management and Supervisory Board

Brenntag (WKN A1DAHH), the global market leader in chemical distribution, held its Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting in Düsseldorf earlier today. In their speeches, Chief Executive Officer Steven Holland and Chief Financial Officer Georg Müller reported to shareholders on the financial year 2017 with the two key performance indicators gross profit and operating EBITDA being increased compared with the previous year. This positive performance was broad-based and supported by both the existing business and acquisitions. The North America and Asia Pacific regions delivered particularly encouraging results, posting sound organic growth.

With an attendance rate of over 75%, the General Shareholders’ Meeting approved the proposed Management Board and Supervisory Board resolutions with a large majority in each case. Accordingly, it resolved to pay dividends in the amount of 1.10 EUR per share, an increase of 4.8% compared with the previous year. This means that the payout ratio is 47.1% of the profit after tax attributable to Brenntag shareholders. This is the seventh year in succession since the IPO in which Brenntag pays its shareholders a higher dividend.

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