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Water Treatment

We bring you the widest selection of chemicals, technologies and value-added services for water treatment

Everything you need for water treatment

Experience the industry's most comprehensive product portfolio, covering all water treatment and environmental applications. As well as providing safe, high-quality products and sophisticated technologies, we offer you customized solutions and technical expertise, drawing on our extensive application knowledge and global networks.

Our water treatment experts are the best in the industry. We care about what we do, and in addition to our solutions and expertise, we offer a wide array of value-added services.

Comprehensive solutions for water treatment applications across all industries

When it comes to water treatment, we know that your challenges are unique. Whether in the municipal space, or in industrial segments like food, pharma, power and mining, we identify your needs and translate these into tailor-made solutions using the right technology and product selection.

  • activated carbon
  • antiscalants
  • biocides and disinfectants
  • coagulants
  • corrosion inhibitors
  • customized WT formulations and blends
  • defoamers
  • filtration media
  • flocculants

  • heavy metal removal
  • ion exchange resins
  • membranes and membrane-maintenance chemicals
  • nutrient and nutrient blends
  • odor control
  • permanganates
  • swimming pool chemicals
  • zero-liquid discharge systems

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Customized solutions that work

Our full-line range reflects our commitment to providing the treatment technology used in every part of the water cycle.

As a leader in the water industry, we understand the importance of ensuring a reliable, cost-effective supply of the required treatment chemicals. With our extensive site network and supply chain excellence, you’re always within reach of essential water treatment chemicals. You’ll also benefit from our value-added services such as laboratory testing, just-in-time delivery and our mixing and blending capabilities for the development of new product formulations.

In addition to the technical backup from our premium suppliers, we rely on a global network of state-of-the-art Innovation & Application Centers . In these regional knowledge hubs, our specialists leverage their in-depth product and process expertise to develop tailor-made solutions that address your water treatment needs.

With increasingly stringent water-quality rules and regulations, you can count on our experts to advise you on the best ways to implement these, ensuring regulatory compliance. And through our technical seminars and market insights, you remain at the forefront of new product innovations and the latest industry trends.

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Our full-line range reflects our commitment to providing the treatment technology required for every part of the water cycle.
Water recycling in big sedimentation drainages

Committed to your success

Clean and safe water is not only fundamental for most industries but also for the surrounding communities. With our product range and application expertise we help you improve performance and operating efficiency, no matter which industry you operate in or how demanding your requirements are. Our solutions and technologies span across several applications and industries.


  • boiler water
  • cooling water
  • de-chlorination
  • disinfection
  • drinking water
  • flue gas treatment
  • irrigation water
  • pH adjustment
  • pretreatment
  • process water
  • sludge treatment
  • wasterwater


  • food and beverage
  • chemical and petrochemical
  • leisure / swimming pool
  • metals
  • mining
  • municipal water treatment
  • pharma
  • power

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Clorious2: Redefining chlorine dioxide

Clorious2 eliminates the limitations and shortcomings associated with conventional chlorine dioxide methods, rendering them obsolete.

This innovative technology sets new benchmarks for chlorine dioxide applications by enhancing process reliability, efficiency and safety.

Find out why leading industries choose Clorious2 and discover what it can do for your business.

Brenntag safety

Safety is at the core of our culture – we prioritize the highest safety and compliance standards.

We take these standards very seriously and implement them in our daily work, for example through product safety training sessions and by conducting onsite safety surveys.

We’re completely fluent in the latest water treatment safety and quality regulations and are here to help you ensure regulatory compliance.

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Towards a sustainable future

With our broad offering and in-depth expertise in sustainable water treatment practices, we’re here to help you reduce your water footprint and achieve your sustainability goals. Our experts always work closely with you to monitor improvements in technical performance, ensuring that you get the most out of our products and services.

We’re proud of our Platinum status in the EcoVadis sustainability assessment, placing us in the top 1% across all industries assessed for sustainability performance.

We offer zero-liquid discharge systems in some regions and continue to pursue sustainable product development to complete the circular economy, with a growing range of carbon-neutral alternatives. We also offer water-based and non-silicon-based products.

Water Treatment Solutions

DeNOx: For significant reductions in NOx emissions

We offer several water-purification methods to reduce NOx emissions, including flocculation and precipitation, acid and lye, water softener, ion exchangers and pH adjustment for optimal water quality.

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