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Solutions for the future

As we look to the future, it’s clear that the global demand for lithium-ion or equivalent batteries will skyrocket, with rechargeable batteries playing a pivotal role in driving the energy transition. At the forefront of this transformation, we’re taking a leading role in meeting the needs of this emerging market. With a focus on chemical distribution, we’re ready to tackle the challenges facing the developing ecosystems in Europe and North America.

Our team is committed to providing innovative solutions that will enable us to seize the opportunities created by this rapidly growing industry. As pioneers in this space, we’re well positioned to provide both our traditional products and services, as well as new business models, to meet the evolving needs of this dynamic market

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A global network – at your door

We support local sourcing as a priority, but the increasing demand for batteries requires global cooperation and solutions. Our global network of partners and sites helps us address these challenges while providing tailored services to you through our local operating model. We combine close cooperation and operational excellence with a strategic, holistic approach to offer the best solutions.

In addition to traditional distribution, we offer a range of services that support the battery value chain. We continuously expand our knowledge pool to meet your needs, and we have translated our existing service portfolio to battery-related applications. We strategically focus on service development and new business models. In our ambition to extend circular business models and invest in new service opportunities, we’re looking to build partnerships and to unlock the value of collaborations.


Safety, circularity, and reliability

Safety has always been our top priority. We believe that safe handling, transport, and storage are crucial in reducing the risk of exposure to chemicals that are essential for battery production, both for humans and the environment. We have extensive expertise in ensuring the safety of our own operations and we are committed to sharing this knowledge with others.

In pursuit of our goal of sustainable distribution, we intend to leverage our position in the chemical industry to promote circularity throughout the lithium-ion value chain, including outbound processes.

In addition to the importance of sustainability, we recognize that reliability is a critical factor in achieving success. Recent disruptions in the supply chain, material shortages, and the rapid scaling up of production capacity have made procurement increasingly challenging. By working with distributors, we can help eliminate the risks associated with single sourcing and facilitate access to alternative sources. Our decades of experience in chemical distribution and our proven stability provide the reliability needed to establish or expand your battery business.


Sustainability beyond lithium-ion

Lithium-ion batteries are likely to remain the preferred technology for mobility and energy storage systems. However, alongside lithium-ion, there are other established rechargeable battery types for various applications that we’ve reliably provided for many years as a sustainable partner. With a focus on lead-acid battery production and recycling, we aim to further strengthen our existing business and promote sustainable practices in the industry.

As research and development into future battery types progresses, it’s becoming increasingly clear that beyond lithium-ion, other cell chemistries will gain importance. We’re closely monitoring the market for alternative technologies to be able to react to and support changes in the chemical demand of battery and upstream production. We believe that sustainable practices and responsible sourcing will be key to meeting the growing demand for batteries in a way that benefits the environment and society.

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