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Animal Nutrition

We’re your ultimate solution provider for the nutrition, health and well-being of animals

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Discover our safe and highly effective nutritional solutions for both farm and companion animals. With a strong presence in global markets, our skilled technicians and salespeople leverage our entire global R&D experience, innovation, know-how and supply chain to find the best solutions for your needs. Flexibility, expertise and care underscore everything we do.

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Quality and commitment

Quality assurance and sustainability drive us, as we simplify complexities in the industry for our customers. With a broad supplier base and outstanding product portfolio, along with added services such as technical support and regulatory guidance, we provide flexible, holistic solutions that always meet your needs while reflecting market trends.

We love sharing our Animal Nutrition knowledge with our customers, and are known for our industry leadership. A local account manager who intimately understands the animal health and wellbeing business – as well as the dynamics of your home market – is your personal gateway to our products, services and solutions. This means you benefit from short response times, a high degree of local expertise and the advantages that come from working with a proven industry leader.

Optimizing animal health:

The power of expertise and innovation in Animal Nutrition and Pet Food

Discover our Total Concept

With the aim of producing lower-medicated diets, we’ve developed our Total Concept, a tool to better understand how to nourish animals while providing tailored solutions to specific problems. The Total Concept covers four key areas and contains several products that can be used individually or in combination, all with animals’ dietary needs and well-being in mind.

Our Total Concept is backed by multiple field trials, which we’ve conducted primarily in piglets and poultry. These trials have proven the quality and efficacy of our in-house solutions.

Latest news from our Animal Nutrition sector

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Animal Nutrition: Our products and solutions

We offer safe, consistent and effective solutions, while delivering the highest return on investment for our customers’ operations. Thanks to our reliable partners and efficient sourcing, we can adapt and redesign our solutions to suit the ever-changing environment and global market trends.

Discover our very own specialty range of brands:

  • Neubacid™: our range of acidifiers
  • Neubalac: energy sources
  • Neubabond: binders
  • Neubasil: additives for silage
  • Neubafix: toxin binders
  • Neubox: antioxidants

We’re also the leading supplier of a broad portfolio of single ingredients and additives, such as:

  • preservatives, antioxidants and acidifiers
  • vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • protein, energy and fiber sources
  • technological additives
  • functional solutions based on our own trials
  • raw materials

Our production facilities

Our sites in Poland and Belgium are testament to our commitment to the Animal Nutrition and Pet Food industries.

With special upgrades to production efficiency, capacity and capabilities at our Polish site, we’re increasing our services and prioritizing quality, safety and sustainability. This expansion allows us to serve more than 40 countries globally. At this site, we can produce both liquid and solid solutions under FamiQS and GMP+, the industry’s strictest quality-monitoring systems.

Meanwhile our new Customer Solution Facility in Moeskroen, Belgium, is a strategic location close to major roads and harbors, specializing in quality exports.

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Pet Food solutions

Complete, balanced, palatable, digestible, safe

Our peerless experience in Animal & Human Nutrition and the Food industry adds outstanding value to our Pet Foods capabilities.

We offer solutions to pet food manufacturers that encompass production technology, humanization, sustainability, nutrition, palatability and food safety.

Whether you’re looking for natural, vegetarian, conventional, organic or budget-friendly options, our up-to-date market expertise allows us to offer you the support you need.

Learn more about our Pet Food capabilities below.

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Safety assurance

Safety and safe product sourcing is at the forefront of everything we do. We continue to ensure that you receive top-quality products for Animal Nutrition and Pet Food that not only meet but exceed the latest industry and food safety standards and regulations.

We’re proud of our rigorous approach to supply-chain management, and work closely with our trusted supply partners to guarantee safe practices and reliability at every stage of the process.

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Towards a sustainable future

Join us on our journey to a sustainable future as we strive to become the industry leader in the responsible distribution of sustainable chemicals and ingredients. We’re committed to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment.

Thanks to the solutions we supply to the Animal Nutrition industry, we’re improving the general health of animals via their nutrition and the water they drink - and ultimately the efficiency of our business.

We’re also maximizing the efficacy of animals’ diets, thanks to improvements in pelletizing technology (which reduces loss) and enhancing digestibility. With several of our key raw materials coming from renewable sources, we reduce the evaporation of products, eliminating the need to add water.

The Animal Nutrition and Pet Food industries themselves are key players in circular economy models, due to the reuse of high-value products from the food industry. We also contribute to this, as well as to the preservation and anti-oxidation of raw materials that would otherwise go to waste.

Our Platinum status in the EcoVadis sustainability assessment places us in the top 1% across all industries assessed for sustainability performance.

We continue to work on ways that we can support sustainability in the industry. Stay tuned for updates.

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