Vegetable oils

Vegetable oils have an outstanding image in the cosmetics industry. They don’t just boast decorative advantages, they also offer numerous health and care benefits in addition to being all-natural and vegan. It’s no wonder, then, that we have been taking advantage of their effects for millennia. The use of these oils for skin treatment dates back at least as far as the ancient Egyptians, and the ancient Romans lathered their skin with olive oil as a symbol of beauty.

Thistle oil, aloe vera, baobab oil and shea butter: plant-based oils have a wide variety of helpful properties and offer numerous benefits. They are absorbed by the skin at various rates, emit their own characteristic aromas, have oily effects of varying degrees and leave behind protective films that differ greatly. These various oils therefore lend themselves to experimentation for use in ointments, creams, decorative cosmetics and massage oils.

Refined or cold-pressed

Brenntag offers various vegetable oils, butters and extracts adapted to the individual requirements of your cosmetics: whether refined oils from which pigments, aromas, flavoring agents and bitterns are filtered, and which boast a long shelf life due to their pure qualities, or cold-pressed oils that maintain their original composition of powerful aromas.

Producers and consumers that value natural cosmetics in particular will enjoy the sheer variety and countless advantages of vegetable oils. The cosmetics experts at Brenntag have compiled a comprehensive range of oils, ensuring that you will find the agents that meet your specific needs.