Hydrated Alumina

Hydrated Alumina has many applications in the plastics market. It is mostly used as a fire retardant, smoke suppressant and for impact resistance.

Precipitated ATH
Product CodeDescription
Apyral 33 (3301)Fine Particle - 3.0 BET
Apyral 40 CD TX (3400)Fine Particle - 3.5 BET
Apyral 40CD (3401)Fine Particle - 3.5 BET
Apyral 50CD (3500)Fine Particle - 5.0 BET
Apyral 60CD (3600)Fine Particle - 6.0 BET
Apyral 120E (3120)Fine Particle -11.0 BET
Apyral 200SM (3200)13.0 - 17.0 BET
Apyral 16/241.8 / 2.5 BET
Apyral NH20Aluminum Hydroxide
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