UV Stabilizers

UV Light Stabilizers are used in a variety of plastic compounding such as, polypropylene, polyethylene and in polurethanes for polyols and isocyanate.

HALS UV Stabilizers
Product NameDescription
Lowilite 19Tertiary HALS
Lowilite 62HALS
Lowilite 6294HALS
Lowilite 77HALS
Lowilite 92HALS
Lowilite 94HALS
Benzophenone Absorbers 
Product NameDescription
Lowilite 20Benzophenone 3
Lowilite 20SBenzophenone
Lowilite 22Benzophenone
Benzotriazole Absorbers 
Product NameDescription
Lowilite 26Benzotriazole
Lowilite 28Benzotriazole
Lowilite 55Benzotriazole
Lowilite UV B1260Antioxidant and UV Stabilizer
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