Polymers, lubricants and other industrial products frequently serve as the backbone of machines our present economy depends on. At the same time, coatings and cleaning make a substantial difference for our perception and user experience of many products. We understand the crucial role these various ingredients and applications play on a product’s performance and its reputation in the market.

Material Science at Brenntag has emerged as the industry’s number one partner when it comes to choosing a leading chemical distributor who understands their business needs. Brenntag Material Science, one of three divisions at Brenntag along with Life Science and Environmental, encompasses a range of business units that aim to deliver the most sophisticated services and products to our customers. By offering tailor-made solutions, a flexible supply-chain and the best technical expertise in the industry, Brenntag Material Science ensures that your business succeeds and stands out in this highly competitive industry.


Brenntag is the distributor of choice for companies and suppliers in the specialty chemical and raw materials industry. The Material Science division incorporates a number of business units including Coatings & Construction, Ceramics, Composites & Advanced Materials, Construction, Household & Industrial Cleaning, Plastics, and Rubber.

Brenntag Material Science is supported by an experienced team of account representatives and technicians who consistently rank amongst the best in their field for expertise and professional service. We aim to create value for every customer and supplier, irrespective of the application, or business challenge at hand. We are committed to fulfilling all of your requirements by offering the widest range of specialty products and most innovative and sustainable solutions.

raw materials for spray painting

Coatings & Construction

Today's Coatings & Construction Specialty chemical market doesn't have to be so complicated - we aim to make all aspects of chemical distribution less complex for customers and suppliers.

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chemicals for window cleaning

Household & Industrial Cleaning

We offer customers an extensive range of specialty household and industrial cleaning products

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handmade ceramic dishes


Our Brenntag Specialties team currently supplies the ceramics and refractories markets with a wide variety of high quality specialty materials, chemicals, aluminas, and colors.

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raw materials for plastics


Our specialty plastics team is unrivaled in the thermoplastics industry for their dedication, technical expertise, and passion for polymers.

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specialty chemicals for rubber products


Brenntag Rubber offers its partners a level of expertise, and a degree of customer service, that few competitors can match.

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composite materials for yachts


Our focus is to work closely with research and development technicians to aid in the fine tuning of formulas, concentrates, and compound mixtures

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