Basic Oils

Basic Oils consists of a series of Evoil® plant oils in which the basic properties of each oil have been optimised to obtain greater functionality and stability. Evoil® basics have been developed to replicate the classical fatty acid composition of each specific plantor fruit oil without sacrificing any of the intrinsic beneficial qualities of the oils.

Basic Oils
Product CodeProduct
TX 8252Evoil Almond Oil
TX 8467Evoil Argan Oil
TX 8278Evoil Avocado Oil
TX 8281Evoil Calendula Oil
TX 8460Evoil Carrot Plus Oil
TX 8398Evoil Evening Primrose Oil
TX 8370Evoil Grapeseed Oil
TX 8384Evoil Grapeseed LP Oil
TX 8304Evoil Hazelnut Oil
TX 8328Evoil Macadamia Nut Oil
TX 8235Evoil Pomace Olive Oil
TX 8255Evoil Wheat Germ oil
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