Dispersants act as inhibitors in laundry detergents, as intermediates in liquid laundry detergents and as stabilizers.

Gantrez (Polymethylvinylether/maleic anhydride) Copolymer
Powder / Solid
Product NameDescription
Gantrez AN-1190.1 - 0.5 Visc.
Gantrez AN-1391.0 - 1.5 Visc.
Gantrez AN-1491.5 - 2.5 Visc.
Gantrez AN-1692.6 - 3.5 Visc.
Gantrez A-425Copolymer
Gantrez ES-225Copolymer
Gantrez ES-335Copolymer
Gantrez ES-425Copolymer
Gantrez ES-435Copolymer
Gantrez SP-215Copolymer
Hydrolyzed Solution 
Gantrez S-95 (35% Soln)Copolymer
Gantrez S-96 BF Soln STCopolymer
Gantrez S-97 BFCopolymer
Gantrez S-97 HSU SolnCopolymer
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