Mold Release Systems

In the composites market, Frekote Mold Release Systems are used in the following industries: Aerospace, recreational, specialty, marine, transportation and construction.

Release Agents
Product NameDescription
Frekote 44-NCRelease Agent
Frekote 55-NCRelease Agent
Frekote 700-NCRelease Agent
Frekote 720-NCRelease Agent
Frekote 770-NCRelease Agent
Mold Release
Product NameDescription
Frekote S-50Water Based Mold Release
Frekote 1450Water Based Mold Release
Aqualine R-120Water Based Mold Release
Aqualine R-180Water Based Mold Release
Aqualine R-220Water Based Mold Release
Aqualine PUR-100Water Based Mold Release
Frekote SOLOSolvent Based Mold Release
Frekote WOLOSolvent Based Mold Release
Frekote FRP-NCSolvent Based Mold Release
Frekote EFRSolvent Mold Release
Frekote 1711Silicone Mold Release
Frekote PU7001Solvent Mold Release
Mold Sealer
Product NameDescription
Frekote FMSFiberglass Mold Sealer
Frekote FMS-100Fiberglass Mold Sealer
Frekote B-15Metal Mold Sealer
Frekote CS-122Loctite Mold Sealer
Mold Cleaner
Product NameDescription
Frekote PMCMold Cleaner
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