Fiberglass Reinforcements

Fiberglass Reinforcemens are used in a variety of industries including major automotive manufacturers, marine, transportation, construction, recreational vehicles, corrosion, sporting goods, tubs/showers, windows/doors and wind energy manufactures.

Fiberglass Reinforcement Products
Product CodeDescription
G1-240-A-CTSpray-up Roving - 207 yld Close top box
G1-240-A-CPSpray-up Roving - 207 yld Creel pack
G5-ATCR Spray-up Roving
C1Chopped Strands - For Thermoplastic PA
C2Chopped Strands - For Thermoplastic PC/PBT/ABS
C6Chopped Strands - For Thermoplastic PA
C5-BMCChopped Strands - For Thermoset BMC
C8Chopped Strands - For GRC
M1-010-AChopped Strand Mat - 1.0 oz
M1-015-AChopped Strand Mat - 1.5 oz
M1-020-AChopped Strand Mat - 2.0 oz
D1-200-ADirect Roving - Filament Winding Roving - 250 yld
D1-GDirect Roving - E-Glass
D1-440-P6PDirect Roving - E-Glass
D2-ADirect Roving - E-Glass
D5-440-ADirect Roving - Pultrusion Roving - 113 yld
D6-440-ADirect Roving - High Modulus - 113 yld
D7-ADirect Roving - Boron and Fluoride Free
D8-PDirect Roving - Boron and Fluoride Free
L5-AMulti End Roving for Urethane
M4-18C-GCombo Mat - 1808 0/90
M4-24D-GCombo Mat - 2415 0/90
K3-18B-CKnitted Fabrics - Biaxial 1808 0/90
K3-24D-CKnitted Fabrics - Biaxial 2415 0/90
K3-32A-50AKnitted Fabric - Biaxial
K4-18B-CKnitted Fabrics - Double Bias 1808 +/-45
K4-24D-CKnitted Fabrics - Double Bias 2415 +/-45
S1-440-ASMC Roving - E-Glass
W3-JMulti Compatible Cloth - E-Glass
E/C GlassFiberglass Surfacing Veils
E1-15D (E)Alkali Resistant Mesh
E1-15D (E)Alkali Resistant Chopped Strands
P3Polypropylene Fiber
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