Epoxy Curing Agents

AC Catalysts' products are distinctive for their exceptional flexibility, toughness and long storage life. For superior adhesion, long pot life, greater reactivity at lower temperatures, and easy dispersion, look no further than A&C Catalysts' toughened epoxies, latent curing agents and accelerators.

Latent Curatives
Product CodeDescription
Technicure Nano-Dicy1 micron Dicyandiamide
Technicure D-5 Dicy5 micron Dicyandiamide
Technicure D-10 Dicy10 micron Dicyandiamide
Technicure D-44 Dicy44 micron Dicyandiamide
Technicure 23JJet Milled Accelerator
Resicure 2-MI2 Methyl Imidazole
Technicure EMI-24CN1-(2-cyanoethyl)-2-ethyl-4-methylimidazole
Resicure EMI-242-ethyl-4-methylimidazole
Resicure EMI-24LVLow Viscosity 2-ethyl-4-methylimidazole
Resicure 2-PHICNCyano 2-Phenylimidazole
Technicure MDU-11M[1,1-(4-methyl-m-phenylene)bis(3,3 dimethyl urea)]
Technicure PDU-250M10 micron N,N-Dimethyl Phenyl Urea
Technicure TDU-200M[1,1-(4-methyl-m-phenylene)bis(3,3 dimethyl urea)]
Technicure LC-80Imidazole, epoxy amine adduct
Technicure LC-100Imidazole, epoxy amine adduct
Technicure ADHAdipic Dihydrazide
Technicure ADH JAdipic Dihydrazide - Jet Milled
Technicure IDHIsophthalic Dihydrazide
Technicure IDH-JIsophthalic Dihydrazide - Jet Milled
Technicure IPDU-8Cycloaliphatic Bis Urea
Technirez DGA (GAN)N,N-diglycidylaniline
Technirez FR-001Phosphonate Ester FL RTD
Technirez FR-001-LVPhosphonate Ester FL RTD
Technirez RME-30Elastomer Modified Epoxy Resin
Technirez RME-912Elastomer Modified Epoxy Resin
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