Calcium Carbonate

Ground and Dolomitic Limestone are typically used as fluxing agents, in ceramic bodies and glazes and are a calcium source in refractory mortars.

Ground Limestone
SeriesParticle Size
Low Micron 
Vicron Series East - All Grades3.5 - 10.0 micron
Vicron Series West - All Grades1.6 - 13.0 micron
Medium Micron 
Marblewhite Series East - All Grades86 - 99.4% thru 325 Mesh
Marblewhite Series West - All Grades80 - 99% thru 325 Mesh
Screened (Coarse Grade) 
ATF Series (East)10 / 20 / 40 Mesh
Dolomitic Limestone
DolocronPulverized Dolomitic Limestone
DolofilGround Dolomite
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