Surface Coating Resins

Vinyl chloride copolymer and terpolymers that are used as Surface Coating Resins in various applications such as, heat-sealable and heat-seal-resistant coatings for aluminum foil, printing inks and industrial coatings.

VINNOL® Vinyl Chloride Copolymer / Terpolymer
Without Functionality 
Product CodeDescription
E 15/4585% VC, 15% VAc
E 18/3882% VC, 18% VAc
E 20/4580% VC, 20% VAc
H 11/5989% VC, 11% VAc
H 14/3686% VC, 14% VAc
H 15/4286% VC, 14% VAc
H 15/5085% VC, 15% VAc
H 40/4366% VC, 34% VAc
H 40/5063% VC, 37% VAc
H 40/5562% VC, 38% VAc
H 40/6061% VC, 39% VAc
With Carboxyl Functionality 
Product CodeDescription
E 15/45 M84% VC, 15% Vac, 1% Dicarbonic Acid
H 15/45 M84% VC, 15% Vac, 1% Dicarbonic Acid
H 15/45 M Special84% VC, 15% Vac, 0.5% Dicarbonic Acid
H 30/48 M70% VC, 29% Vac, 1% Other Monomers
With Hydroxyl Functionality 
Product CodeDescription
E 15/40 A84% VC, 16% Acrylic Acid Ester
E 15/48 A84% VC, 16% Acrylic Acid Ester
E 22/48 A75% VC, 25% Carbon Acid Esters
Wacker Literature 
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