SMA Resins (Styrene Maleic Anhydride)

SMA Resins are commonly used in bottle label adhesives and photo-resist coatings for circuit boards, these resins promote water resistance, adhesion, strength, durability, flexibility, clarity, and high temperature resistance.

Scripset Copolymer Resins
Free-Flowing Powders
Product NameType
Scripset 520SMA
Scripset 540Butyl/Methyl Ester of SMA
Scripset 550Secondary Butyl Ester of SMA
Scripset 550ESecondary Butyl Ester of SMA
Alkali Solutions
imPress SC-700Surface Sizing Agent
imPress SC-720Surface Sizing Agent
imPress SC-740Surface Sizing Agent
Scripset 745Surface Sizing Agent
Solenis Literature
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