PAE Resins (Polyamide Epichlorohydrin)

PAE Resins are commonly used as crosslinkers in adhesives, inks, top-coatings, and other barrier finishes, these resins promote water resistance in polymer systems that are typically water soluble/sensitive. They also impart toughnessto formulations and improve adhesion to low surface energy substrates.

Polycup Crosslinking Resins
Product NameType
Industrial UsesPAE
Polycup 172PAE
Polycup 8210PAE
Polycup 5233Modified PAE
Polycup 5150PAE
Polycup 1884PAmE
Polycup 7360Epoxide
Polycup 4500 
Indirect Food Contact 
Polycup 9130PAE
Polycup 9200PAE
Direct Food Contact 
Polycup 2000PAE
Polycup 7535PAE
Polycup 9700PAE
Solenis Literature
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