Precipitated Silica

Lo-Vel™ Flatting Agents are designed to reduce gloss in paints while providing lower viscosity and better stir in capabilities. Hi-Sil™ Thickening Agents improve sag control and accelerate structure recovery. Inhibisil™ Anti-Corrosion Pigments are designed to replace chrome based and other toxic anti-corrosion pigments.

LoVel Flatting Agents
Product NameDescription
LoVel Non-TreatedFlatting Agent
LoVel Wax-TreatedFlatting Agent
LoVel 6200Flatting Agent
LoVel 8100Flatting Agent
LoVel 8300Flatting Agent - Wax Treated
Hi-Sil Thickening Agents
Product NameDescription
Hi-Sil OverviewThickening Agents
Hi-Sil LPCThickening Agents
Hi-Sil SBGThickening Agents
Hi-Sil SC-72Thickening Agents
Hi-Sil WB-10Thickening Agents
Hi-Sil WB 2085Thickening Agents
Inhibisil Anti-Corrosion Pigments
Product NameDescription
Inhibisil 33Anti-Corrosion Pigment
Inhibisil 73Anti-Corrosion Pigment
Inhibisil 75Anti-Corrosion Pigment
Inhibisil OverviewPerformance Data
PPG Literature 
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