Polyester Resins

Setal and Roskydal Polyester Resin sub-types include polyester polyols, thermosetting and unsaturated polyester resins.

Setal Polyester Resins
Product Name / CodeDescription
Setal 10-1821Slightly Branched Polyester Polyol
Setal 16-1094Saturated Polyester
Setal 16-1169Saturated Polyester Polyol
Setal 16-1173Saturated Polyester
Setal 16-5501Saturated Polyester
Setal 16-5509Saturated Polyester
Setal 16-5518Saturated Polyester
Setal 26-1025Saturated Polyester - HS
Setal 26-1080Saturated Polyester - HS
Setal 26-1610Linear Polyester - HS
Setal 26-1611Polyester - HS
Setal 26-1617Polyestr - HS
Setal 26-1638Branched Polyester Polyol
Setal 26-1668Branched Polyester Polyol
Setal 26-1688Branched Polyester Polyol
Setal DRD 181XBranched Polyester Polyol - HS

Allnex Duroftal Polyester Resins are for BADGE-free packaging coatings and coil coatings.

Duroftal Polyester Resins 
Product Name / CodeDescription
Duroftal VPE 5117Aliphatic Polyester Resin
Duroftal VPI 2803/78BACHydroxy Functional Polyester
Roskydal Unsaturated Polyester Resins
Product Name / CodeDescription
Roskydal 300/1 / 66-4300An unsaturated polyester resin
Roskydal 850 W / 66-4850A water-reducible unsaturated polyester resin
Roskydal XP 2072 / 66-4072An Unsaturated Polyester
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