Non-Isocyanate 2K Resins

Setalux, Setal and Roskydal Non-Isocyanate 2K Resin sub-types include acrylic and polyester.

Non-Isocyanate 2K Acrylic Resins
Product Name / CodeDescription
Setalux 17-1453AA-NCO-Free
Setalux 27-1435AA-NCO-Free
Setalux 17-1450Ketac-NCO-Free
Setalux 17-7202Ketac-NCO-Free
Setalux 57-7205Acetoacetate Functional Acrylic
Setalux 10-1440Ketac-NCO-Free
Non-Isocyanate 2K Polyester Resins
Product Name / CodeDescription
Setal 26-3705Saturated Polyester - HS
Setal 26-1089Saturated Polyester - HS
Setal 26-1619Saturated Polyester - HS
Setal 26-4181Polyester Polyester
Setal 16-1084Saturated Polyester
Setal 20-1020Saturated Polyester - HS
Setal 26-1056Saturated Polyester - HS
Roskydal E 70 / 66-4070Unsaturated Polyester
Roskydal 500 A / 66-4500Unsaturated Polyester
Roskydal 502 BA / 66-4502Unsaturated Polyester
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