Hydrated Alumina

Hydrated Alumina has many applications in the ACES market such as, semi and high gloss coatings, elastomeric roof and wall coatings, inks, fire retardant coatings and adhesives, corrosion resistant coatings, powder coatings and polyurethane sealants.

Precipitated ATH
Product CodeDescription
Apyral 33 (3301)Fine Particle - 3.0 BET
Apyral 40 CD TX (3400)Fine Particle - 3.5 BET
Apyral 40CD (3401)Fine Particle - 3.5 BET
Apyral 50CD (3500)Fine Particle - 5.0 BET
Apyral 60CD (3600)Fine Particle - 6.0 BET
Apyral 120E (3120)Fine Particle -11.0 BET
Apyral 200SM (3200)13.0 - 17.0 BET
Apyral 16/241.8 / 2.5 BET
Apyral NH20Aluminum Hydroxide
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