Silanes / Silicone Additives

Silanes are used in numerous applications as described: Coatings and Inks: Moisture-initiated crosslinking of resins, improved adhesion, chemical and corrosion resistance, weatherability, pigment dispersion and scrub resistance. Adhesives: Moisture-initiated crosslinking of resins, improved wet adhesion, primerless adhesion to many materials, improved chemical resistance, weatherability and durability. Sealants: Moisture-initiated crosslinking of resins, improved adhesion, chemical resistance, filler dispersion and weatherability.

Silquest Silanes
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CoatOSil Coatings Additives are used in a wide variety of industries and applications, including water-and solvent-borne coatings, high solids, powder and UV/EB cure coatings, as well as inks.

CoatOSil Additives
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