Ultramarine Pigments

Ultramarine and Manganese Violet Pigments are widely used in paints and coatings, inks, artists' color, and powder coatings. They possess a unique color, are non toxic and easily dispersible.

Ultramarine Pigments
General Purpose Grades
Product Codes(s)Description
5002 (02)Ultramarine Blue - Green Shade
5003 (03)Ultramarine Blue - Green Shade
5005 (05)Ultramarine Blue - Red Shade
5006 (06)Ultramarine Blue - Red Shade
5007 (07)Ultramarine Blue - Red Shade
5028 (08)Ultramarine Blue - Red Shade
5009 (09)Ultramarine Blue - Coarse Red Shade
5018 (18)Ultramarine Blue - Oleophilic
5021 (21)Ultramarine Blue - Mid Shade
5050 (32)Ultramarine Blue - Red Shade
5065 (TR)Ultramarine Blue - Red Shade Transparent
51 (51)Ultramarine Blue - Red Shade
51S (51S)Ultramarine Blue - Low Moisture
5071 (71)Ultramarine Blue - Red Shade
5011 (11)Ultramarine Violet - Blue Shade
5012 (12)Ultramarine Violet - Red Shade
5052 (13)Ultramarine Violet - Blue Shade
5019 (19)Ultramarine Pink - Standard Shade
5029 (29)Ultramarine Pink - Blue Shade
5039 (PX)Ultramarine Pink - Extra Strong Shade
Acid Resistant Grades
5016 (16)Ultramarine Blue - Red Shade / TS=114
5017 (17)Ultramarine Blue - Red Shade / TS=127
5054 (54)Ultramarine Blue - Red Shade / TS=100
5055 (55)Ultramarine Blue - Red Shade Cement
6117 (XAR)Ultramarine Blue - High Acid Resistant
6119 (BC-R)Ultramarine Blue - Food Contact AR
6154 (AR)Ultramarine Blue - Premier Red Shade
Manganese Violet Pigments
General Purpose Grades
Product Code(s)Description
5040 (VM40)Manganese Violet - Blue Shade
5041 (VM41)Manganese Violet - Blue Shade
5042 (VM42)Manganese Violet - Mid Shade
5043 (VM43)Manganese Violet - Red Shade
5044 (VM44)Manganese Violet - Red Shade
Venator Literature 
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