Dow offers a number of basic and high-performance Polyols and Isocyanates, including TDIs and MDIs for a wide variety of applications including adhesives, coatings, elastomers, and sealants.

Product NameTypeViscosity (Centistrokes @ 25OC)
Isonate 50 O,PPure MDI10
Isonate 125MDRPure MDI5
Isonate 125MPure MDISolid
Isonate 143LModified MDI33
Isonate 143LMModified MDI-
Isonate 240MDI Prepolymer1230
Isonate 181MDI Prepolymer770
PAPI 20Polymeric MDI1800
PAPI 580NPolymeric MDI700
PAPI 27Polymeric MDI180
PAPI 95Polymeric MDI85
PAPI 901Polymeric MDI55
PAPI 94Polymeric MDI50
Voramer MR 1201Moisture Curing MDI1600
Hyperlast LP 5612Moistur Curing MDI1000
Voranate T-80 Type I,IIToluene Diisocyanate 
Polyether Polyols
Voranol 220-028Diol - PO Capped880
Voranol 220-056Diol - PO Capped300
Voranol 220-056NDiol - PO Capped300
Voranol 220-094Diol - PO Capped175
Voranol 220-110Diol - PO Capped160
Voranol 220-110NDiol - PO Capped160
Voranol 220-260Diol - PO Capped75
Voranol 220-530Diol - PO CappedSolid
Voranol 222-029Diol - EO Capped790
Voranol 222-056Diol - EO Capped321
Voranol 230-660Triol - PO Capped850
Voranol 3512ATriol - PO Capped555
Voranol 230-056Triol - PO Capped475
Voranol 3136Triol - BHT Free450
Voranol 230-112Triol - PO Capped297
Voranol 3150Triol - PO Capped244
Voranol 230-238Triol - PO Capped238
Voranol CP1421Triol - PO Capped-
Voranol 232-056Triol - PO Capped-
Voranol 232-027Triol - EO Capped1180
Voranol 232-028Triol - EO Capped-
Voranol 232-034Triol - EO Capped860
Voranol 232-035Triol - EO Capped860
Voranol 271Triol - EO Capped860
Voranol 4701Triol - EO Capped860
Voranol 3010Triol - EO Capped-
Voranol CP 6001Triol - EO Capped-
Voranol 370Sucrose High Functional30580
Voranol 446Sucrose High Functional6511
Voranol 490Sucrose High Functional5500
Voranol 360Sucrose High Functional3600
Specflex NC 630Sucrose High Functional605
Voranol 280Sucrose High Functional-
Voranol 800Amine High Functional17300
Voranol 391Amine High Functional4740
Voralux HL430Copolymer7750
Specflex NC 700Copolymer5500
Specflex NC 701Grafted Polyether Polyol4500 - 6000
Voranol 3943ACopolymer6000
Voranol 4053Sorbitol High Functional-
Voranol 5815Polyol-
Dow Literature  
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