Stearates - Technical Grade

Metallic Stearates posses a surfactant-like combination of hydrophilic and lipophilic molecular characteristics. Metallic stearates can perform the following functions in formulations; lubricants, acid scavengers, coupling agents, waterproofing agents, viscosity modifiers and flatting agents.

Aluminum Stearates
Product CodeDescription
907-GLow Gel, HFFA / Tallow
909-GHigh Gel / Tallow
Calcium Stearates
Product CodeDescription
1350-GGeneral Purpose / Vegetable
1345-GGeneral Purpose / Tallow
1360-G325 Mesh Vegetable
Lithium Stearates
Product CodeDescription
Magnesium Stearates
Product CodeDescription
Sodium Stearates
Product CodeDescription
940-GVegetable APS
Zinc Stearates
Product CodeDescription
935-GGeneral Purpose / Vegetable
2304-GGeneral Purpose / Tallow
2310-GLacquer XF / Tallow
BSI Literature 
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