Curing Agents

BASF Curing Agents all have properties that influence the pot life, curing time, viscosity and handling characteristics.

Product NameViscosity (mPas at 23OC)
Baxxodur® EC 3019 - 10
Baxxodur® EC 13013
Baxxodur® EC 30225 - 26
Baxxodur® EC 310102 - 103
Baxxodur® EC 303273 - 274
Baxxodur® EC 311about 110
Cycloaliphatic Amine
Product NameViscosity (mPas at 23OC)
Baxxodur® EC 2108
Baxxodur® EC 201 (IPDA)19 - 20
Baxxodur® EC 331 (DMDC)about 110
Baxxodur® PC 136 (MIPDA)Chain Extender
Product Name 
Baxxodur® EC 110 (DPTA) 
Other Products
Product NameType
Baxxodur® EC 210 (MCDA)Methyldiaminocyclohexane
Baxxodur® EC 130 (TTD)Trioxatridecane
BASF Literature 
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