Dextrol and Strodex Surfactants are unique mono- and diester phosphates as well as specialty surfactants that provide wetting, improve dispersion and emulsion stabilization, and provide corrosion protection.

Phosphate Ester - Free Acids
Product NameSurface Tension
Dextrol OC-2035.3
Dextrol OC-1530.3
Dextrol OC-10033.4
Dextrol OC-94 
Dextrol OC-93Z 
Dextrol OC-7036.2
Dextrol OC-6030.1
Dextrol OC-97 
Dextrol OC-4026.5
Strodex FT-10050
Strodex LH-55 
Strodex SE-10027.9
Strodex P-10029.8
Strodex MO-10043
Phosphate Esters - Neutralized Salts
Product NameSurface Tension
Dextrol OC-752536.2
Dextrol OC-78N36.2
Dextrol OC-602526.5
Dextrol OC-18030.1
Dextrol OC-180HS 
Dextrol OC-5030.3
Dextrol OC-180HS 
Dextrol OC-402526.5
Dextrol OC-45N26.5
Strodex FT-50K50
Strodex SEK-50D27.9
Strodex TH-100Brochure
Strodex FT-428 
Strodex PLF-100 
Strodex LFK-7035.8
Strodex PSK-2828.4
Strodex KM-400LV 
Strodex NB-20 
Strodex PK-9029.8
Strodex PK-95G29.8
Strodex PK-85NV29.8
Strodex PK-0VOC30.5
Strodex MOK-7036.9
Strodex KM-400LV43
Strodex EHK-7043
Ashland Literature 
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