Amino Resins

Polyaspartics are considered to be a two-component coating/spray aliphatic polyurea hybrid system derived from the reaction product of an aliphatic polyisocyanate and a polyaspartic ester polymer, which is an amine/diamine functional coreactant for aliphatic polyisocyanate.

Secondary Amino Resins
Product CodeName (Equivalent Weight)
SPI 158Blocked Cycloaliphatic Amine (235)
SPI 87Blocked Cycloaliphatic Amine (290)
SPI 138Blocked Aliphatic Amine (290)
SPI 140SBlocked Cycloaliphatic Amine (340)
SPI 220Hindered Secondary Amino Resin (230)
SPI 420Hindered Secondary Amino Resin (275)
SPI 520Hindered Secondary Amino Resin (294)
SPI 144Aliphatic Polyamine Mixture (260)
SPI 146Aliphatic Polyamine Mixture (254)
Arnette Literature 
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