Light Stabilizers

SI Group makes a variety of Light Stabilizers for use in Liquid Coatings and Powder Coatings.

Light Stabilizers - UV Absorbers
Product NameApplication
Lowilite 22Liquid Coatings
Lowilite 26Liquid Coatings
Lowilite 28Liquid and Powder Coatings
Lowilite 1130Liquid Coatings
Lowilite 29Liquid Coatings
Lowilite 234Liquid and Powder Coatings
Light Stabilizers - HALS
Product NameApplication
Lowilite 92Liquid Coatings
Lowilite 62Powder Coatings
Lowilite 19Powder Coaings
Lowilite UV B1260 BlendLiquid Coatings
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