High Purity Magnesia

ICL - Dead Sea Periclase offers a wide range of exceptionally high purity magnesia products for use in food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

Magnesium Oxide
Product CodeDescription
311-S (Light MgO)Pharma Light Mag. Oxide - USP / BP / EP
310-S (HA4)Pharma Mag. Oxide - USP / BP / EP
MAGO-HA (HA)Pharma Mag. Oxide - USP / BP / EP
MAGO - DCP DCGranular Pharma Mag. Oxide - USP / BP / EP
310-FCC (MgO-FCC)Food Mag. Oxide - FCC
Magnesium Carbonate
Product CodeDescription
320-S (BMC)Pharma Basic Mag. Carbonate - USP / FCC
320-FCC (BMC-FCC)Food Basic Mag. Carbonate - FCC
Magnesium Hydroxide
Product CodeDescription
370-S/S9/S12 (HD5/9/12)Pharma Mag. Hydroxide - USP / BP/ EP
T10PPharma Mag. Hydroxide - USP / EP
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