High Purity Carbonates

Scora's Calcium Carbonate products are characterized by chemical purity far exceeding those of conventional precipitated or ground carbonates. Purity reaches 99.9% with extremely low levels of iron, heavy metals, lead, mercury and arsenic. Low surface area offers considerable processing advantages in pharmaceutical and food applications.

Scoralite® Direct Compression Calcium Carbonate - Low Lead
Product CodeDescription
LL 250 DC 97PVPLow Lead w/3% PVP
LL 250 DC 95STLow Lead w/5% Corn Starch
LL LCD LV DC 95MDLow Lead w/5% Maltodextrin
LL 250 DC 95ACLow Lead w/5% Acacia Gum
LL 250 DC 90STLow Lead w/10% Corn Starch
LL 250 DC 90MDLow Lead w/10% Maltodextrin
LL 250 DC 90ACLow Lead w/10% Acacia Gum
Scoralite® Calcium Carbonate Powder - Low Lead
Product CodeDescription
LL250Low Lead Calcium Carbonate USP / BP Powder
Scoralite® Direct Compression Calcium Carbonate - Standard Products
Product CodeDescription
DC 97PVPw/3% PVP
DC 95STw/5% Corn Starch
DC 95MDw/5% Maltodextrin
DC 95ACw/5% Acacia Gum
DC 90STw/10% Corn Starch
DC 90MDw/10% Maltodextrin
Scoralite® Calcium Carbonate Powder - Standard Products
Product CodeDescription
1B PCCCalcium Carbonate USP / BP Powder

Scora's Magnesium Carbonate serves as a free flowing agent in food and pharmaceuticals, as well as an alternative source of magnesium.

Scoramag® Direct Compression Magnesium Carbonate
Product CodeDescription
309Mag. Carbonate Extra Light - USP Powder
DC 100Mag. Carbonate - USP Granulated
DC 90STw/10% Corn Starch
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