Cyclodextrins are sugar molecules that comefrom starch. The molecule has a lipophilic cavity and a hydrophilic outer shell. Cyclodextrins are naturally derived, white free flowing powders that are both heat and light stable. These products can be used in skin care, color and hair care projects.

Cavamax® Cyclodextrins 
Cavamax W6 PharmaNon-Chem Modified
Cavamax W6 ALAInclusion Complex
Cavamax W7 PharmaNon-Chem Modified
Cavamax W7 HP PharmaNon-Chem Modified
Cavamax W7 EurecolHCComplexes
Cavamax W7/L MentholComplexes
CAVAQ10Inclusion Complex
Cavamax W8 CurcuminInclusion Complex
Cavamax W8 PharmaNon-Chem Modified
Cavamax W8/d - Alpha-TocopherolComplexes
Cavamax W8/Retinol - ComplexComplexes
Cavasol® Cyclodextrins 
Cavasol W 7 HPDeriv Chem Modified
Cavasol W 7 HP TL (HI PH)Deriv Chem Modified
Wacker Cyclodextrin Literature
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