High Purity Stearates

Brenntag Specialties offers several grades of metallic stearates for use in the personal care, food and nutrition, and pharmaceutical industries.

Magnesium Stearate is often used as a binder for cosmetic pressed powders and as a lubricant and mold release for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical tablets. Magnesium Stearate can also be used as an anti-caking agent in food applications.

Calcium Stearate finds applications not only in the food and nutrition industries as a dietary supplement and flow agent but also in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as a lubricant. Calcium Stearate also offers emulsification properties in both cosmetic and food applications.

Zinc Stearate is a common binder for pressed powders in the cosmetic industry.

Sodium Stearate is commonly used in soap applications to saponify oils and fats. It is also used in deodorant applications as a gelling/structuring agent.

Product CodeDescription
919-GVegetable - USP / NF / EP / JP / Kosher
919-G RSPO MBVegetable - USP / NF / EP / JP / Kosher
Product CodeDescription
920-GVegetable - USP / NF / EP / JP / Kosher
920-G RSPO MBVegetable - USP / NF / EP / JP / Kosher
Product CodeDescription
921-GVegetable - USP / NF / EP / JP / Kosher
921-G RSPO MBegetable - USP / NF / EP / JP / Kosher
Product CodeDescription
945-GVegetable - 35/65
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