Mica / Sericite

Cosmetic Mica is approved for use in externally applied cosmetics, including those for use in the area of theeye, under Title 21 CFR 73.2496. It is widely used as a colorant in lipsticks, eye shadows, hair dyes andcolors, face powders, blushers, eye liners, dusting and talcum powders, foundations, nail lacquers, mascara,make-up bases, etc.

Cosmetic Mica BC
Product CodeDescription
228044 Micron - Low Lustre
228142 Micron - High Lustre
Cosmetic Synthetic Mica BC
Product CodeDescription
228262 Micron
228324 Micron

Cosmetic Sericite is a natural material belonging to the mica group. It is generally found in metamorphic rock, and is produced by the alteration of sedimentary rock through temperature, pressure and pH changes. When processed, it exhibits a silky luster from thin platelet sheets.

Cosmetic Sericite BC 
Product CodeDescription
28112 Micron - Matte (50# Ctn)
28512 Micron - Matte (50# Bag)
28210 Micron - White
22728 - 10 Micron - White
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