Cosmetic Spheres

PMMA imparts a “Ball Bearing” effect, increasing the payoff when used in pressed powders. Adjusting the level of usage (3 - 20%) will help to produce a cream-to-powder effect in hot pour formulations. In addition to a soft, silky feel, PMMA provides a “soft focus” effect on the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles:

PMMA - Polymethyl Methacrylate
Product CodeDescription
8203PMMA-S Solid Spheres
8204PMMA-H Porous Spheres

Spherical Silicas are highly functional and versatile materials for use in powder, anhydrous, and emulsion systems. These low micron silicas are extremely inert and compatible in all cosmetic and skin applications. Their "ball-bearing effect” imparts exceptional lubricity and gives products a luxurious feel.

Soft Spheres - Spherical Silica
Product CodeDescription
8208Medium Porre Volume - P
8209High Pore Volume - L
8210Lauroyl Lysine Modified - LL
8211Hyaluronic Acid Modified - HA
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