Rheology Modifiers

Ashland Rheology Modifiers include various grades and types of cellulosics and acrylic polymers. These multifunctional ingredients offer exceptional thickening, suspension, and flowability properties to personal care applications. In addition to providing rheology modification, many of these ingredients also improve product aesthetics and skin/hair feel.

Aquacel CMCCarboxyMethylCellulose
Aqualon Sodium CMCCarboxyMethylCellulose
Aqualon ECEthylCellulose
Benecel MCMethylCellulose
Benecel HPMCHydroxyPropylMethylCellulose
Klucel HPCHydroxyPropylCellulose
Natrosol HECHydroxyEthelCellulose
SupercolGuar Gum
N-HanceHydroxyPropyl Guar
CarbomerA Cross Linked Polymer of Acrylic Acid
UltraThixAcrylic Acid / VP Crosspolymer
RapithixSodium Polyacrylate
PrimaFloHPMC Polymer Solution
StabilizePVM/MA Decadiene Crosspolymer
PolySurfCetyl HEC
Product Data Sheets, Safety Data Sheets and Samples may be obtained by going to www.ulprospector.com
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