Food Grade Waxes

Koster Keunen’s full line of Food Grade Waxes are designed to impart specific functions into food products as a film former, moisture barrier, to add gloss, slip, and/or increase shelf life. Wax barriers will allow for gas exchange while maintaining moisture levels within the product. Food waxes are used as an additive in glazings and coatings, chewing gum, tablet formulations and soft gelatine capsules to name a few.

Food Grade Waxes
Product CodeName
436100% Certified Organic Beeswax
401Certified Organic Beeswax
419Candelilla Wax NF
452Powdered Organic Carnauba Wax #1 NF
412Certified Organic Carnauba Wax Flakes
420 / 149 / 828NF Carnauba Waxes
118Microcrystalline 193/198 NF
140Microcrystalline 170/180 NF
841Microcrystalline 150 NF
461Microcrystalline 145/155 NF
125Paraffin 130/135
126Paraffin 140/145
127Paraffin 150/155
175Paraffin 160/165
383EU Paraffin 160/165
500Paraffin 140/145 NF
501Paraffin 160/165 NF
224Rice Bran Wax
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