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Touchscreen electronics can be found on almost all handheld devices today. Chemicals make touch screens possible through mixtures, additives, and coatings.

Most touch phone technology is developed from a blend of glass and ceramic. This mixture creates a crystalline structure resistant to heat. Because of this heat resistant technology, it has even been used in the manufacturing of nose cones for supersonic-guided missiles used by the military.

After this mix is formed, it is immersed in potassium salt, typically of potassium nitrate. This is to further reinforce the glass and increase its strength. Finally, a thin layer of indium tin oxide is placed on the glass to give it touch screen properties.

Earth Metals for Industrial Touchscreens

There are 83 stable elements; 70 of those 83 elements can be found in the manufacturing of touch screen phones. Touch screen phones also make use of rare earth metals. There are 17 rare earth metals and all but one are used to manufacture touch screen phones. The last element is promethium which is not used due to its radioactive properties.

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