Ozokerites are blends of branched and linear hydrocarbons that have a long history of use in industry. Chemists should choose the properties that are critical to their formulation; melt point, penetration, or gel strength. They are non-hazardous, non-toxic, and non-irritating for skin and eyes.


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Chemical Properties

Product NameProduct CodeMelting PointViscosityPenetrationCongeal PointColor
Methods USP 741ASTM D3236ASTM D1321ASTM D938VISUAL
Ozokerite 153/160113153-160°FN/A8-15 dmm152-159°FWhite to Off-White
Ozokerite Wax248155-165°FN/A8-15 dmm155-165°FWhite to Off-White
Ozokerite 164/170116164-170°F25-50 SUS6-12 dmm162-169°FWhite
EU Ozokerite 164/171192164-171°F11 cPs Minimum8-13 dmm164-171°FWhite to Off-White
Ozokerite 170117165-175°FN/A8-13 dmm165-175°FWhite
EU Ozokerite 167/175379165-175°F11 cPs Minimum
8-14 dmmN/AWhite to Off-White
Ozokerite 180156177-185°FN/A2-6 dmm175-184°FWhite
Ozokerite 195237180-198°FN/A5-9 dmm179-197°FLight Yellow
Ozokerite 1090318193-198°FN/AN/AN/AWhite
Ozokerite 17545170-78°CN/A7-13 dmm158-167°FN/A
Ozokerite 158/160, 71511470–77 °C30-60 SUS25-35 dmm156-164°FWhite
Ozokerite 2095578N/AN/A5 dmm Maximum86-100°CWhite to Off-White
Ozokerite 20333494–100 °CN/AN/A89-95°CWhite to Off-White

Formulation Guidelines

Ozokerite wax is compatible with the chemistries of natural, mineral, and synthetic raw materials. Applications include cosmetics, personal care, crayons, coatings, candles, industrial, pharmaceuticals, fruit and vegetable coatings, and inks.

INCI NAME: Ozokerite
CAS#: 12198-93-5
EINECS#: 265-134-6
KOSTER KEUNEN CODE#: 113, 114, 116, 117, 156, 192237, 248, 318, 334, 379, 451, 578
MANUFACTURED: Watertown, Connecticut, USA

  • Not tested on animals
  • Kosher

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