Apocarotenal 2 CWD

Chemical Names of Active Ingredient

  • B- Apo-8'-carotenal

E-No.- E160e
CAS No.- 1107-26-2
EINECS No.- 214-171-6
PRD No.- 30569426*
*The product is kosher.


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503271765kg PE bag

Country of Origin



Free flowing, low dust, orange powder with a mild characteristic odor.


Ingredients in descending order of weight: glucose syrup, modified starch, medium chain triglyceraides, B-Apo-8'_carotenal, sodium ascorbate, DL-alpha-tocopherol.


Ingredients in descending order of weight: glucose syrup, modified starch, medium-chain triglycerides, B-apo_8' carotenal, sodium ascorbate, DL-alpha-tocopherol.


Assay- min. 2%


The active ingredient meets the requirements of the current "B-Apo_8'_carotenal" monograph FCC 8, the current "B-Apo_8'_carotenal" JECFA specification and the EU Regulation laying down specification for food addivites (E 160e).


B-Apo-8'-carotenal is apporoved for use as a food colorant in most countries. However, specific regulation on the ingredients used in the respective countries and for the intended use have to be observed.

Bulk density

0.45- 0.50 g/mL


The product is stabilized with DL-alpha-tocopherol and sodium ascorbate. Stored in its unopened original packaging at room temperature (max. 25 degrees C), it is stable for at least 24 months.

Storage/ Handling

The product is sensitive to atmospheric oxygen, light, heat, and moisture. It should therefore be stored in the tightly sealed, lightproof packaging in a cool place. Once opened, it is recommended to use the remaining contents as quickly as possible.


Food Products and Beverages:

Apocarotenal 2 CWD is particularly suitable as a colorant in instant drink powdres, confectionery, candied fruit, buscuits, chewing gum, ice cream, custard podwer, soup powders, pickle liquor, fermented milk products, etc., as well as fruit beverages and lemonades. Due to its specific color hue, Apocarotenal 2 CWD is suitable to replace the azo dye Sunset Yellow.