Western Region

Sales Office

Branch Office
Brenntag Specialties, Inc.
355 E, Rincon Street
Suite 200
Corona, CA 92879

Phone: 800-227-1345
Fax: 925-376-8209
E-Mail: cscorona@brenntag.com

Open - Customer Service Manager

Material Sciences Group Sales

Scott Robeson - W Regional Sales Manager
Southern California

Eric Jenkins - Account Manager
Washington, Oregon, Idaho

Emmanuel Durant - Account Manager
Northern and Central California, Utah, Reno, Nevada

Open - Account Manager
Southern California

Youngun Pae - Account Manager
Southern California, North of 91

Barbara Penunuri - Market Development Specialist
Construction Products
Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Las Vegas

Shannon Newton - Account Executive
BSG Inside Sales - Material Sciences Group

Life Sciences Group Sales

Rich Joyce - Sales and Marketing Director - Life Sciences Group

Alma Cevallos - Account Manager - Personal Care Products
Southern California

Jessica Morgan - Account Manager - Personal Care Products
Northern California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Arizona

Mauricio Castro - Account Manager - Personal Care Products
New Mexico

Yolanda Dang - Account Executive
BSG Inside Sales - Personal Care Products

Meena Haidari - Account Manager - Food / Pharma / Notra
Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Central and Northern California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona

Open - Senior Account Executive - Food / Pharma / Nutra
Western Colorado, New Mexico

Stefany Tranchitella - Industry Representative
BSG Inside Sales - Food / Pharma / Nutra