Our History

We are part of the Brenntag Group , which entered the ingredient and chemical distribution business in 1912. Brenntag has successfully expanded to become the world market leader in full-line chemical distribution. Our U.S. business was established in the 1970’s and expansion included acquisitions of distributors.

The creation of Brenntag Specialties, Inc. in 2007 was a bold 'growth strategy' enabling Brenntag North America to leverage our substantial resources existing within the organization and to provide additional long-term value to our customers and manufacturers we represent.

  • 2012

    100 Years in Chemical Distribution

    Brenntag looks back on a successful history in the chemical distribution industry for 100 years.

    The free float of the Brenntag shares increases to 100% through the selling of the remaining shares of Brachem Acquisitions S.C.A.

    Continued growth through the targeted acquisition of TER Corporation and ALTIVIA Corporation in North America.

  • 2011

    G.S. Robins & Company

    Brenntag increases its presence in North America in several of Brenntag’s focus industries including the Food & Beverage and Water Treatment industries by acquiring G.S. Robins & Company.

  • 2007

    Specialties Division Created

    Brenntag North America embarked on a new strategy to transform their two specialty companies, Mineral and Pigment Solutions and ChemTech Specialties, into a new organization called Brenntag Specialties, Inc. (BSI)

  • 2007

    Multiple Acquisitions

    Continued growth through targeted acquisitions, including St. Lawrence Chemical in Canada and Ulrich Chemical and Schoofs in the United States.

  • 2006

    LA Chemical

    Continued expansion with focus on achieving leading market positions including acquisitions of LA Chemical (United States, operations in California, Arizona and Utah).

  • 2005


    Opening of a facility in Poznan, Poland and integrated distribution center in Lancaster, Texas. Integration of Herkommer & Bangerter business and acquisition of U.S. business of Quadra.

  • 2000


    Acquisition of Holland Chemical International, then the fifth-largest chemical distributor worldwide, with large market shares in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the United States, and the leading market position in Latin America, where Brenntag previously had not been represented.

  • 1980

    U.S. Expansion

    U.S. expansion includes acquisitions of distributors Western Chemical (1980), Textile Chemical (1981), Delta (1986), Crown (1989) and PB&S Chemicals (1989).

  • 1970

    U.S. Business Established

    U.S business established; continued acquisitions in European and North American chemicals distribution business