Industrial Sales and Services: Chemicals for Industrial Processes

Partnering with a proven market leader in industrial sales and service solutions is one of the best decisions a company can make in successfully navigating the global marketplace for industrial services. Brenntag’s Industrial Sales and Services team enjoys an outstanding reputation for its professional approach and service attitude.

Extensive Network of Suppliers

Our sales teams are committed to fulfilling diverse needs in chemical and industrial services, from packaging and shipping to mixing and blending, and engage with an extensive network of world-class suppliers to procure the widest range of products available. We target our customers' exact requirements for quality and quantity in the products and services our portfolio covers.

Our network consists of approximately 190 strategically placed distribution locations committed to delivering the prompt, reliable service you demand and deserve. Our proximity to our customers enables us to provide just-in-time delivery service so you can maintain your tight production schedules without incurring excessive inventory costs. With our constant focus on developing innovative supply chain solutions, you can always count on Brenntag to offer the most efficient, cost-effective distribution services, regardless of the size or scope of your company. That’s how we’ve been able to establish and maintain so many enduring partnerships over the years.

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Diverse Offering of Chemical and Industrial Services

When you choose Brenntag as your distributor of chemicals for your industrial processes, you get a company with expertise in a broad assortment of industrial chemicals. We offer a variety of raw materials and services, including:

  • acids and lyes
  • salts
  • solvents
  • general chemicals
  • custom blends
  • performance products

Taking you a step ahead of the competition

Our locally based sales teams are experts in their respective regions and pride themselves on their market and product expertise. Through continuous training, we are ready to inform you at a moment's notice of upcoming market trends, on-going regulatory developments in legislation, and the release of new applications to ensure you are always one step ahead of the competition. Our products and services have applications in many areas, including:

AutomotiveMetal and Surface Treatments
Chemical Processing (CPI)Printing and Publishing
Chemical SynthesisTextile and Leather

Meeting all your chemical needs

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We support our customers in implementing all aspects of the relevant regulatory and safety requirements. Our team goes to great lengths to ensure all our chemicals for industrial processes will help you maintain compliance and avoid accidents resulting in significant lost time for your employees and increase costly worker’s compensation claims. We’re familiar with all relevant OSHA guidelines and make them a primary focus when we choose the manufacturers that comprise our distribution network. That is how you know you can purchase chemicals from Brenntag with total peace of mind.

All Brenntag customers are assigned a dedicated account manager who is committed to ensuring your total satisfaction. Your account manager will serve as a single point of contact to our entire organization providing access to an international network of chemical manufacturers. They’ll take the time to become intimately acquainted with the unique needs of your company. Whether you require a custom chemical blend other distributors can’t provide, need specialized formulation assistance, or have a specific packaging requirement, we’ll always find the right solution.

We Are a Global Chemical Distributor With a Long Track Record of Success

Backed by our truly global organization and a close, long-lasting relationship, customers can focus on their core business, knowing fast responses and meaningful solutions minimize complexity and risk in their daily routine. As part of the Brenntag Group of companies having entered the ingredient and chemical distribution business more than a century ago, we’ve been serving the North American marketplace with distinction since the 1970s. Over the course of four decades, we have established a stellar reputation for being a top specialty and industrial chemical distributor throughout the United States and Canada.

Our Vision and Values Set Us Apart From Our Competitors

A contributing factor to Brenntag North America becoming one of the leading distributors of chemicals for industrial processes is our unwavering commitment to fulfilling our core vision and values. We strive to connect with every customer by providing the most efficient, cost-effective distribution channels and adhering to consistently ambitious standards in everything we do. And, our safety-first mindset is essential for helping us achieve our goal of zero accidents and incidents throughout our extensive North American and global distribution networks.

Contact Brenntag North America to learn more about how our chemicals for industrial industry applications can help your organization reduce costs, allowing you to provide better quality products, and services to your customer base.