Our History

We are part of the Brenntag Group , which entered the ingredient and chemical distribution business in 1912. Brenntag has successfully expanded to become the world market leader in full-line chemical distribution. Our U.S. business was established in the 1970’s and expansion included acquisitions of distributors.

It All Started With an Egg

The Story of Brenntag a Chemical & Ingredient Distribution Company

  • 2012

    100 Years in Chemical Distribution

    Brenntag looks back on a successful history in the chemical distribution industry for 100 years.

    The free float of the Brenntag shares increases to 100% through the selling of the remaining shares of Brachem Acquisitions S.C.A.

    Continued growth through the targeted acquisition of TER Corporation and ALTIVIA Corporation in North America.

  • 2011

    G.S. Robins & Company

    Brenntag increases its presence in North America in several of Brenntag’s focus industries including the Food & Beverage and Water Treatment industries by acquiring G.S. Robins & Company.

  • 2007

    Multiple Acquisitions

    Continued growth through targeted acquisitions, including St. Lawrence Chemical in Canada and Ulrich Chemical and Schoofs in the U.S.

  • 2006

    LA Chemical

    Continued expansion with focus on achieving leading market positions including acquisitions of LA Chemical (U.S. operations in California, Arizona and Utah).

  • 2005


    Opening of a facility in Poznan, Poland and integrated distribution center in Lancaster, Texas. Integration of Herkommer & Bangerter business and acquisition of U.S. business of Quadra.

  • 2000


    Acquisition of Holland Chemical International, then the fifth-largest chemical distributor worldwide, with large market shares in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the U.S., and the leading market position in Latin America, where Brenntag previously had not been represented.

  • 1980

    U.S. Expansion

    U.S. expansion includes acquisitions of distributors Western Chemical (1980), Textile Chemical (1981), Delta (1986), Crown (1989) and PB&S Chemical (1989).

  • 1970

    U.S. Business Established

    U.S business established; continued acquisitions in European and North American chemicals distribution business