We offer several options to automate orders and invoice processes. Through information technology, which provides improved efficiency and accuracy, we gain value and increase customer satisfaction and support. E-Commerce, Elemica, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) are automated services we provide.


Fast, easy, and secure ingredient and chemical sourcing anytime, anywhere.

Our e-Commerce website guarantees secure, real-time access to customer information. Once registered with a user name and password, customers can access the site to perform the following actions:

  • place orders online
  • review status of open orders
  • duplicate a previous order
  • request safety data sheets (SDS)
  • generate and download dynamic reports
  • contact their local sales representative

Sign in to your Brenntag e-Commerce account or apply for a secure log on by going to www.brenntag.cc. For a quick, easy reference on how to navigate through our e-Commerce site, download our User's Guide.


We offer EDI to support globally accepted, cross-industry standards including ANSI X12 and UN EDIFACT. We have the capability to enable transactions to:

  • create orders
  • process change orders
  • send advance ship notices and invoices

Our e-Business team will work with each customer to define requirements and conduct an onboarding and testing process as required.

Contact our e-Business team to learn more about completing e-Business transactions with our company.


We are partners with Elemica, a 'network solution focused on improving supply chain efficiencies', to offer assistance specific to the chemical industry to conduct business more effectively. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) connectivity provides buy and sell transactions to our customers.

The ‘Connected Solution’ is the back bone of the Elemica network, allowing partners to connect their purchasing and selling systems. This solution acts as a hub to facilitate the electronic exchange of business documents such as orders, order changes, order responses, and invoices.