You are the expert of your business and you know your specific needs for aluminum sulfate. Do you need occasional shipments of aluminum sulfate for intermittent production needs or daily just-in-time delivery to keep your production lines running non-stop? In all cases, you deserve top-quality products, sales and service from an industry leader like Brenntag.

Industries that rely on water purification commonly use aluminum sulfate distributors to keep their production lines running. Aluminum sulfate purifies water by causing impurities in the water to coagulate and sink to the bottom for easier removal. Aluminum sulfate is available to buy in bulk, although some companies may opt for a day-of-need delivery. Industries that work with clothing products often depend on their aluminum sulfate supplier to ensure their products are dyed in a high-quality manner. If your clothes don’t run in the wash you likely have aluminum sulfate to thank. Alum helps the dye better adhere to cloth fibers. Some firefighting companies and cities also utilize foams with noncombustible aluminum sulfate to help extinguish fires.

Properties of Aluminum Sulfate

Aluminum sulfate is distributed in two common forms – a white solid with a crystal-like appearance or a clear, colorless solution. Aluminum sulfate is also odorless, but when heated it may releases toxic gas. To ensure proper product stewardship, you want to be sure your aluminate sulfate distributor is transporting it to you safely and responsibly. If you are buying aluminum sulfate in bulk, you need to avoid damp areas, or anywhere where rainwater could reach it. If aluminum sulfate becomes wet, it will quickly activate and absorb the water, and will be rendered useless if later water purification is desired.

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Our international footprint allows us to secure the best prices for you on bulk aluminum sulfate while offering you personalized sales and service at the local level, thanks to our network of more than 190 North American locations. We treat every business as a unique opportunity to add value and reliability and to study your needs carefully. Depending on your requirements, we can:

  • Schedule regular, just-in-time deliveries to your shipping door.
  • Ship single orders of aluminum sulfate to cover your occasional needs.
  • Repackage in the volumes and quantities that suit your production and storage.
  • Create custom mixes and formulations adapted to your business.

Instead of offering “standard” quantities, contracts and delivery terms, we will sit down with you to understand your business and build a rewarding relationship that helps you grow.

Where is aluminum sulfate available?

Chemical products like aluminum sulfate cannot be found just anywhere. You need a respected and reliable distributor like Brenntag to ensure on-time delivery, quality products and safe and environmentally-sound handling and transportation. If you are looking for where to buy bulk aluminum sulfate in the United States, you have found the right place. Our entire team at Brenntag is ready to answer any questions you might have any prepare a quotation for your aluminum sulfate.

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