Water is our most important resource, and water treatment chemicals are some of the most important ones we supply. As a leading distributor of water treatment chemicals in the United States and Canada, we understand how important it is to ensure that our product portfolio includes the most relevant and advanced technology available on the market.

Widest Selection of Water Treatment Chemicals

Brenntag has the widest selection of water treatment chemicals and related products to meet any water treatment requirements including industrial, commercial, and municipal operations in North America. This means we have more flexibility to tailor solutions to each customer’s individual, specific needs.

Our technicians and sales staff utilizes an extensive resource network to devise innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Brenntag’s consultative approach can mean a reduction in your supply-chain costs and improvements in efficiency and productivity. Our customized product offerings will help your company stand out and thrive as a water treatment service provider or end-user. We offer these high-quality products and services in order to grant your firm the peace of mind it deserves to focus on your core business.


Brenntag’s years of excellence in the chemical arena have helped make our name synonymous with high-quality products and an unparalleled degree of professional and technical service. With Brenntag, you’ll get complete support from our staff.

The market experts of Brenntag Water Additives know their way through the industry’s ins and outs and possess an in-depth familiarity with both our customer’s needs and the entire Brenntag product line-up.

We’re not interested in just selling you water treatment chemicals and moving on. We want to make sure you succeed, and your customers are satisfied. We have the will and the resources to do just that with every company we join forces with.

Brenntag technicians and account managers reduce complexity for customers and suppliers, responding quickly to concerns and monitoring improvements closely while delivering the benefits of a company that is a leader throughout North America.

Our goal is to keep things simple. We know you know your business, and you want to focus on what you do best: satisfying your customers. We help by bringing our expertise to make our side of the process easy for you. If you have any issues on our end, we will address them quickly and completely so you can focus on your business and your concerns.


As a comprehensive water treatment distributor, we have an extensive product portfolio to address all categories in the Water Treatment industry, including:

CommercialIndustrialMunicipalPower Generation
Boiler WaterCooling WaterDrinking WaterFood & Beverage
MiningPretreatmentPulp & PaperSwimming Pools & Spas
Wastewater Treatment   

Brenntag proudly supports the charitable organization Water For People

water treatment plant

Advising you on how to implement the industry’s most stringent safety requirements

Customers of Brenntag Water Treatment also gain access to our extensive technical and market expertise. To ensure clients get the most out of our products and services, our staff will hold technical workshops and seminars on-site, while our market-sector experts inform you of new product innovations, regulatory developments and upcoming market trends.

Due to ever-increasing importance of legislation regarding water quality, our experts will advise you on implementing the industry’s environmental and safety requirements.

Environmental protection and safety are critical in water treatment. A mistake could put your company at risk. Brenntag is completely fluent in the most recent water treatment safety regulations and the best way to implement them. Your peace of mind — and the safety of our products for your customers and the environment — are a top priority.


We offer a complete line of quality products for the growing needs of our customers involved in treating water. Our product offerings help protect water systems, ensuring operating efficiency and asset longevity. Additionally, we offer a complete line of raw materials and ready-to-use products, employed by water treatment professionals throughout North America.

Activated CarbonCustomized Water TreatmentNatural Flocculants
Biocides and DisinfectantsFiltration Media NSF Certified Products for Drinking Water
Blended PhosphatesHeavy Metal RemovalPool and Spa Chemicals
Corrosion InhibitorsIon Exchange ResinsPhosphonates
Custom BlendingOdor ControlScale Inhibitors
DefoamersNutrient BlendsSodium and Potassium Permanganates
Dispersants and AntiscalantsNatural Coagulants 

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