Sweeteners are additives which provide the basic taste of sweetness to a food product. Sweeteners may be natural, artificial, nutritive or non-nutritive. They are available in varying sweetness profiles, compared to sugar and also vary in the amount of calories they contribute to the diet.

Sweeteners can also be used to enhance the flavor, texture and appearance of foods while also providing some degree of shelf-life extension. While some sweeteners are used independently, many are used in tandem with one another to provide the optimum result within the formulation.

FEATURED Sweeteners

SweetenerIntensity*Raw MaterialNatural
Sucrose (sugar)1xBeet / Cane (plant)Y
Fructose1.2x - 1.7xBeet / Cane (plant) / GrainY
Dextrose0.66 - 0.75xBeet / Cane (plant) / GrainY
Maltose0.32xBeet / Cane (plant)Y
HFCS (55/42)0.92x - 0.99xFructose / GlucoseY
Stevia (Reb A)200x - 400xStevia Rebaudiana Bertoni (sunflower family)Y
Aspartame150x - 200xPhenylalanine, Aspartic AcidN
Acesulfame K200xDiketeneN
Sodium Saccharin300xBenzoic SulfimideN
Sucralose600xSugar, Acetic Acid, ChlorineN
Maltitol0.75x - 0.90xSugar HydrogenationY
Xylitol1xBirch Wood, CorncobsY
Sorbitol0.66xCorn SyrupY
Mannitol0.50x - 0.70xSugar HydrogenationY
Erythritol0.60x - 0.70xFruits, Berries, Glucose HydrogenationY
Nectave Agave Crystals1.3xBlue Agave PlantY

* as compared to sucrose

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